Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tri polish tuesday - 21st Jan

So as you might of guessed from yesterday post this week is Australia day week, and a bunch of us Aussie bloggers are doing nails to share our love for Australia. I really wanted to make sure I did all my challenges this week even tho we are doing Aussie manis. so today for Tri polish Tuesday, i have used red and yellow of the 3 colours to create my mani today.

A huge Aussie staple is Vegemite!!! When i lived in the UK for 6 years i had to get my mum to send me tubes of it to me regularly as i love it on toast, plus it is great to pop into gravy etc. Marmite is just not the same :(

When I was a kid they played a jingle for Vegemite on the TV, i still sing it today sometimes when I get the Vegemite out! It funny how you remember these things!

I decided to use Ulta3 Honolulu and chocolate cake to create the mani, and then I printed in white decal paper the little red Vegemite symbols.
I think the mani turned out quite well!!!!

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Until next time..........
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  1. Love it! Super cute! Great job on the decals! :-)

  2. Yummy! I love this idea and they look great :D

  3. I know this is an old post but I just wanted to clarify something- you painted those teeny tiny vegimite logos? Onto paper to use as decals? How did you get the lettering so clear yet so small? I'm completely astounded haha

    1. hi there! i used water decal paper you use to put patterns on candles. printed it on my laser printer then after painting my nails brown and yellow popped them on :) i got the paper off ebay :)


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